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Correct grammar is important to speak english fluently.

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English Language Test C

C1) If it rains, I _________ in the garden.

     a) have not played
     b) not play
     c) will not play
     d) play not

C2) If he were rich, he _________me a diamond ring.

     a) will have bought
     b) would bought
     c) will buy
     d) would buy

C3) If I ______ a ghost, I would scream with fear.

     a) saw
     b) would see
     c) see
     d) will see

C4) If I __________, I would have passed the exam.

     a) studied
     b) had studied
     c) would have studied
     d) would study

C5) You have alot of things to do. _______ help you?

     a) Must I
     b) Would I
     c) Can I
     d) Will I

C6) I cannot be late tomorrow. I _________ early.

     a) must to wake up
     b) mustn't wake up
     c) have woke up
     d) have to wake up

C7) Please do not worry about being late. You _______ hurry.

     a) mustn't
     b) needn't
     c) have to not
     d) must not have

C8) Paul is a friend of _______.

     a) us
     b) them
     c) theres
     d) theirs

C9)She was ______ things nobody could understand.

     a) telling
     b) speaking of
     c) talking
     d) saying of

C10) My girlfriend and I _________ last week. I am very sad.

     a) broke up
     b) broke in
     c) broke out
     d) brought up

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