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English Exercise Test B

B1) ________ to London?

     a) Did you ever been
     b) Have you ever been
     c) Have you ever go
     d) Did you ever gone

B2)I _______ my sister since last christmas.

     a) did not see
     b) have not seen
     c) saw not
     d) did not seen

B3) I cannot go to sleep now. I _________ my homework yet.

     a) have not finished
     b) did not finish
     c) was not finishing
     d) finished

B4) How long ________ married?

     a) you were
     b) are you
     c) have you been
     d) you been

B5) This is the best chocolate I've _____ tasted

     a) still
     b) ever
     c) already
     d) yet

B6) Can I have _____ apples please?.

     a) any
     b) some
     c) alot
     d) a little

B7) Do you have ____ apples?.

     a) any
     b) some
     c) alot
     d) a little

B8) The blue car is _________ than the white one.

     a) expensiver
     b) much expensive
     c) more expensive
     d) expensive more

B9) Living in Rome is _______ than living in London.

     a) more cheap
     b) most cheap
     c) cheaper
     d) cheapest

B10) She is a very beautiful girl, ________?.

     a) hasn't she
     b) isn't she
     c) doesn't she
     d) wasn't she

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