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Free English Grammar Practice - Improve Your English Grammar

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English Grammar Test A

A1) Hello. My name is Janet. I ____

     a) work as nurse.
     b) am a nurse.
     c) be a nurse
     d) am working as nurse.

A2) Water ________ at 100C.

     a) is boiling
     b) will boil
     c) boils
     d) boil

A3) Listen to the birds! They __________.

     a) sanged
     b) was singing
     c) are singing
     d) sing.

A4) She is a student, she _______ English.

     a) learns
     b) are learning
     c) is learning
     d) was learnt

A5) I am busy tomorrow. I _______ with my friend all day.

     a) will shop
     b) am going shopping
     c) will shopping
     d) will going shopping

A6) I think I ________ an egg sandwich for lunch.

     a) will have eating
     b) eating
     c) eat
     d) will have

A7) My brother _________ on 2nd January 1979.

     a) was born
     b) is born
     c) borned
     d) has born

A8) I was in the bath when the phone rang so I _______.

     a) have not heard it.
     b) am not hearing it.
     c) was not heard it.
     d) did not hear it.

A9) ____________ that skirt last Monday?

     a) Has Mary to buy
     b) Did Mary bought
     c) Did Mary buy
     d) Has Mary bought

A10) Rose ________ her mother in the kitchen yesterday.

     a) was helped
     b) did help
     c) had helping
     d) helped

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