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English Grammar

important?  -  Try the

free grammar exercises


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Mastering English grammar is the basis for thinking and communicating in English. Good English grammar makes you a better listener, speaker, reader and writer. Grammar allows you to develop your own  unique personal style of communicating. It is a means of organizing words, phrases and clauses into meaningful communication. Grammar is what we use to construct proper sentences.

Style is the manner you use to communicate. Your style says a lot about your views of yourself, your subject, your audience, and even your world. If you have a dry, uninteresting style, people will not take your communication seriously. Knowledge of English grammar, with its flexible and creative syntax, can be used to produce a unique personal style different from  that of the rest of the world’s. Students sitting for their


understand the important of learning English grammar well.

English verbs

, although simple to conjugate, can be quite confusing.
When do we use the Present Simple Tense and when do we use the Present Continuous Tense? For example, why do we say:
'Do you speak English?' but
'Are you speaking to me?'

What is the difference between the Present Perfect Tense and the Past Tense? For example:
'I have been learning English online.' but
'I learnt English when I was at school.'

How are the Conditional Tenses used? Is there a difference in meaning between:
'If you study English , you will find a job.' and
'If you studied English , you would find a job.' and
'If you had studied English, you would have got that job.'

It is important to know the use of the various  "Parts of Speech" - Nouns, Verbs, Adjectives, Adverbs, Prepositions, etc. Putting parts of speech in the correct order in a sentence makes it comprehensible.

"Will studying and doing English grammar exercises improve my English?"  Students ask me this question quite often.   The answer is yes, but only if you apply the grammar you learn to Speaking as well as Writing skills.

I prepare my

English lessons

keeping this simple fact in mind.   Once you learn a grammar rule, you need to practise it in conversation as well as in writing.   It is the best way to assimilate English grammar rules. After you practise it, you'll remember it.

Below are links to 3 Free Grammar Exercises or Tests.    Try them out and grade your grammar!

English Grammar
Test A
English Grammar
Test B
English Grammar
Test C

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